TRN III-a Series

TRN III-a Series
Constant innovation for the best Reflow!
TRN Series, the top-level model to realize Econology and Humanism, pursued by TSM
Deliver our cutting-edge technology and best product performance to our valuable customers all the time
Product Features
· Realize Flux Zero in OVEN -> equip FMS applied with patent technology
· Thermal Interference Innovation in each zone -> Able to set up temperature difference with 60ºC in max. of interzone
· Internal Heat Reduction of Reflow -> apply New Emission System
· Real-time Monitoring (optional)
– Real-time Temperature Profile Monitoring (RTPM)
– Real-time Oxygen Concentration Monitoring in each zone (RPPM)
– Conveyor Vibration Monitoring
– Monitoring a number of rotations of Blower Motor
– Circulation Temperature Monitoring of FMS
– Output Monitoring of Heater Control
– Alert of Conveyor Chain Oil Level
– Alert of Dust Collection Flux Level
· Powerful performance of FMS ever before with double sized capacity of FMS installation (2×8=>2x12A)
· Reduction of N₂ consumption with more than 20% compared to previous models (fan size / change of perforated plate)
· Improved ppm performance with more than 30% compared to previous models (curtain shutter applied)

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