Persponal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Priben Distirbution provides a comprehensive line of apparel, accessories and consumables

Our employment protective equipment and apparel offers the most in protection and comfort when conducting those daily work tasks and routines. Subjected by the need by industry, our PPE solutions may vary from the single medical styled lab coat through the dust covers on shoes. Our electrostatic discharge clothing and equipment required in the electronics industry will ensure your production lines are safe and limited to the direct impact from normal work wear. Protecting your staff and business is important to you, as it is to us – we provide a complete list of colors sizes, brands and inventory so that you can find exactly what you need for your people’s needs.

Our personal protective equipment and apparel solutions offer the most in protection and comfort, when conducting those daily work tasks, routines, and processes.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is any garment or item that protects workers from injuries or unnecessary exposure to hazardous situations. Personal protective equipment includes the hard hats, gloves and vests used in construction; eye and face protection worn by workers exposed to welding sparks, flying objects and chemicals; lab coats, face shield and aprons used by food service workers; respirators used by firefighters and others.

ESD Clothing

ESD protective equipment is a must-have in electronics industries. From protective clothing, lab coats, work shoes and other products to protect against common electrostatic  created during manufacturing of key elements in labs and electronics factories. We offer ESD solutions to suit your company’s needs and provide top quality brands at competitive prices.

Range of ESD Consumables and Accessories

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