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Priben Distribution is a female owned BBBEE Level 1 organisation, offering soldering solutions and soldering products to a number of high end electronics manufacturers in and around sub-Saharan Africa. Continuously striving to deliver the highest quality soldering products to the African market. Maintaining a global position as a supplier of recognizable and the highest quality in soldering solutions. Helping in developing electronics market and improving product access to service providers. 

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Large scale manufacturers and electronics suppliers continuously seek supply and support for the ever growing electronics sector. Having an online presence that offers a comprehensive offering ensure our customers and the existing sector a channel to gather critical information of the products, consumables and machinery in a single platform. Speak to us today!

Fast Fact

Priben Distribution originally started as a pallet manufacturing concern in the early nineties and steadily grew into one of the few companies that acknowledged the African Continent will strive for its own electronics development  sector with the support of the leading Asian markets. We are proudly associated to some of the worlds best suppliers in the world. Check out our Suppliers here!





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Our Founders

Priben Distribution was establish in 1996 by Mrs. M Arumugam and partner a pioneer in the in the electronics manufacturing industry Mr. M Arumugam. Who, originally established the household brands Afrisol and Frys range of soldering products. Priben Distribution is the longest standing distributor of Alpha (Macdemid Alpha) products and SMT solutions. The directorship improved its offerings over the last 2 decades by cross pollination of a variety of Electronics equipment, Consumables and services, It focuses on boosting electronics growth in the sector and in the region. 

Leadership and founders of Priben Distribution

Mr M Arumugam

As a major influence in the solder electronics, manufacturing and construction sectors Mr M Arumugam developed and implemented South Africa’s most prominent products, Afrisol and Powerflow. These Solder and Flux products are still found across the shelves of many retail outlets. His scientific knowledge and vision to help grow the electronics sector in Africa came through the drive to create SA’s first black owned organisation in the continent. Priben Distribution bides by the Inspire Change moto that he has created in his legacy to uplift Africa and its role in the electronics manufacturing sector.  

Mrs M Arumugam

Mrs. M Arumugam is the first black female CEO in a male dominated electronics sector. Her business acumen and management skills aided business development for more than two decades. Her role as CEO and her partner (Director) Mr. M Arumugam elevated the business into a key role player in electronics industry in the sub-Saharan African region. A passion for teaching and upliftment is apparent in the way she drives the Priben Distribution company forward, in an ever changing environment. As a leader she is focused and highly motivated in inspiring and changing the platform in the country and around Africa as a platform for growing tomorrows leaders in the electronics sector.


Growing the future of Priben

BSc MIT degree from SRM university in Chennai (India), he has worked alongside his late Father, who was a pioneer in the chemistry, metallurgy, and electronics industries. He was not just Thevin’s guide but Mentor and Role model, together with his wife they built an industry leading company who is a local partner providing access to quality products, services, and a network of resources. Thevin Arumugam is still a young budding entrepreneur who is striving towards attaining his MBA to continually improve his knowledge base.

Future Development of Youth in South Africa

Priben Distribution tag “Inspire change” primarily focuses on the the youth upliftment across all the areas in the electronics sector. Priben Distribution as a brand proudly associated itself to the IPC. Stay in touch to see new developments in this relationship.

We offer the largest range of products and solutions in Africa


As a 100% female owned black enterprise the Priben Distribution accredited offerings is now Africa’s largest range of SMT, PCB, Reflow, Cleaning, Rework, Soldering Wire, Flux & Paste  selection on the continent. SELL-SUPPLY-SUPPORT has become the uniqueness of our business model with a proven track record on turn around times. We can proudly commit to this as the primary objective in our engagement with any of our current and new clientele. Try us and Inspire Change in the way we promise service and products.

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