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Inspire Change through Access
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Since 1996 Priben Distribution has anchored its position as a world class organisation, focused on bringing mass change to the electronics industry in Africa.

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Extensive range of Alpha Pastes and Flux
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Priben Distribution offers one of the largest range of soldering paste and flux product lines to the African markets.

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Electronics Development Solutions for Change

Bringing the world of Electronics Manufacturing to Africa
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Get access to SMT, PCB, Conveyor, Rework , Reflow and inspection equipment by world-class manufacturers

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Priben Distribution Leaders in Soldering Supply, Upgrade & Support to the Electronics Manufacturing and Repairs

Mass production of electronics requires a strong supply and demand solution. Our purpose is to enforce continuity and sustainability. Priben Distributions offers a comprehensive SMT, PCB, Soldering, Inspection and raw materials to back the industry as a whole. 

Priben Distribution has accredited its association to leaders in the electronics manufacturing sector and offers the Sub Saharan African Region access to every aspect of manufacturing and repair solutions  

Supply Solutions

Our offerings include the basics and more advanced ESD, Protective wear, Soldering Wire, Flux and Solder Pastes to handle the most technical and hi-tech production lines.


Support and Training: staff training, trouble shooting on all SMT, PCB, Reflow, Rework and Inspection Equipment 24/7. Speak to our sales team.

Business Solutions

Leaders in SMT and PCB manufacturing technology is being offered to the market to help build a strong presence in the electronics, commercial and retail sectors. Speak to our team

Our Customers

Helping develop Africa's Electronics Sector

Priben Distribution’s complete line of soldering paste, flux paste & liquids, soldering wire SMT, BGA and PCB Solutions are produced locally and or sourced from world leaders. Delivery for robust performance, ease of use and cost effectiveness has been associated with the Priben Distribution name for decades. Priben Distributions purpose is to resolve difficult issues by offering reliability, quality products and equipment. Forging strong customer relations and an aligned vision of sustainable outputs at ground level, is just a fraction of the vision we have to bring Africa into the forefront of electronics manufacturing. Embark on a solutions based journey to realistic growth and upliftment with our extensive range of equipment

All Ranges of Soldering Wires, Flux and Pastes Available in House

Dropdown Soldering Materials Lists

Alpha  BGA Rework Paste PoP 959 100g
Alpha Lead Free Solder Paste OM520
Alpha OM325 BGA Paste Flux
Alpha OM338 BGA Flux Paste
Alpha OM338T-S3 V1 Lead Free Solder Paste
Alpha Paste OM340SL
Alpha Paste OM5100 NT4S T4
Alpha Paste OM5100 syringe 10cc/30g
Alpha Solder Paste OM338PT SAC305 T4
Alpha Solder Paste WS619
Solder Paste Aclimatization stand
Solder Paste OM340 SAC0305 kg
Solder Paste OM525
Alpha Paste CVP520  500g
Alpha Paste OL107F SACX0307 500g Tubs
Alpha Paste OM338T- S3V1 500g
Alpha Paste OM338T-S3V1 (plug) 500g
Alpha Paste OM5100 Sn/Ag/Pb 500g
Alpha Solder Paste OM353 (T5) 500g
Alpha Solder Paste WS609 500g
40T2  Resin Core Solder Wire 1.25mm 500g
40T2 Resin Core Solder Wire 1.25 250g
60/40 Solder wire 0.5mm  500g/roll
60T2 Resin Core Solder 0.71mm x 500g
60T2 Resin Core Solder 1.25mm x 500g
60T2 Resin Core Solder 500g 0.90mm
60T2 Resin Core Solder Wire 0.9mm x500g
60T2 Resin Core Wire 1.60mm x 500g reels
60T2 Solder Wire 0.71mm x 250g
63/37 XL825 Solder Wire 0.7mm 500g Reel
63/37 XL825 Solder Wire 0.5mm 500g Reel
63/37 XL825 Solder Wire 0.90mm x 500g
Alpha High Temp Profiing Thermal Wire
Alpha High Temp.Profiling Wire 100g
Alpha Leadfree Telecore Wire XL825 2Kg
Alpha Solder Wire WC063 Telecore HF850
Alpha Wire HF850  60/40 1.2mm
Alpha Wire HF850 63/37 0.5mm
Alpha Wire HF850 63/37 0.8mm
Alpha Wire HF850 63/37 1.0mm
Alpha Wire HF850 63/37 1.2mm
Alpha Wire HF850 lead free Solder  1.0mm
Alpha Wire HF850 SAC0307 0.5mm
Alpha Wire HF850 SAC0307 0.8mm
Alpha Wire HF850 SAC0307 1.0mm
Alpha Wire HF850 SAC0307 1.2mm
Alpha Wire HF850 SAC305 0.6mm
Alpha Wire HF850 SAC305 0.8mm
Alpha Wire Low Melting Point 500g
Cleaning Wire-Golden
Cleanline Wire 7000 63/37 0.7mm
Energized Sn60/Pb40 Solder Wire  0.3mm
fine wire type fibreglass
Galvanised Binding Wire 1.6mm x 30m
Lead Free Wire SN100C 0.7mm
SAC0307 Solder Wire 0.3mm
SAC0307 Solder Wire 1.25mm
SACX0307  0.7mm x 500g Solder Wire
SACX0307  0.9mm x 500g Solder Wire
SACX0307 0.5mm x 500g Solder Wire
SACX0307 XL825 0.5MM 500G Roll
SACX0307 XL825 0.7mm 500g Reel
SACX0307 XL825 0.9mm 500g Reel
Sn60/Pb40 Solder Wire 0.5mm
Sn63/Pb37 Solder Wire 0.4mm
Sn63/Pb37 Solder wire 0.9mm
Sn63/Pb37 Solder wire 1.25mm
Sn63/Pb37 Solder Wire 1.25mm
Solder Wire 60/40 0.7mm x 500g
Solder Wire 60/40 0.9mm x 500g
Solder Wire 60/40 1.25mm x 500g
Solder Wire 63/37 0.5mm x 500g
Solder Wire 63/37 0.7mm x 500g
Solder Wire 63/37 0.9mm x 500g
Solder Wire 63/37 1.25mm x 500g
Solder Wire HF850 SAC 305  0.8mm x 500g
Tevaru Solder Wire SAC305 0.7mm WS
Wire 1.5mm Green Yellow 100mm
Wire 6mm  Green Yellow 100m
Wire XL825 1.6mm 2Kg reel
Wire XL825 99C 1.5mm
Alpha 615  Flux
Alpha A83 Flux
Alpha BGA Paste Flux OM338T
Alpha E191 /1 Flux No Clean
Alpha Flux Gel UP78 100g
EF 6100 Flux
Flux Bottle with Brush (60ml)
Flux Bottles with needles
Flux Dispensing Bottle
Flux lead free JF-A1
Flux Motor (Flux Pump)
Flux Off 200ml
Flux Off 400ML
Flux Pen NR 205 Red/White
Flux Pen NR205
Flux Tin Lead JF-36
Paste flux OM338
Paste Flux UP 78 in syringe
Power Flow Plus Capillary Flux 200g
Power Flow Plus Capillary Flux 75g
S102 Flux

Speak to our expert team for your stencil +27 11 474 2149


Products list.....

Find your product or search our product listings. One of Africa's largest product range for electronics sector.

Electronics Manufacturing Services Supply and Support Solutions

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are provided by companies that design, assemble, produce, and test electronic components and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). EMS companies may provide a variety of manufacturing services, including design, assembly, and testing.  Speak to the experts when seeking the right partnership in the planning or expansion phase of your business. Smart Priben inSPIre  technical solutions are available.  We are strong on Timelines, Unparalleled on Delivery, Expert Knowledge and Experience, Exclusive Technical Support Solutions and a wholistic CRM solution that has brought us to the forefront of the Sub Sharan Electronics Sector. 


Southern Africa’s largest range of Electronics SMT and PCB solutions and services

Being environmentally considerate to the manufacturing process is a critical aspect of the industry. Speak to our support team for the best solutions to help you business improve your carbon footprint with our disposal solutions.

Waste Management Solutions

Insulation and Protection Products

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