ALE Station Automatic-Feed Soldering

ALE Station
Automatic-Feed Soldering
Ideal for soldering processes requiring high productivity.
It includes JBC Most Efficient Soldering System.

This station is supplied with GALE10V to feed solder wire of Ø 1 mm and is furthermore compatible with solder wires from Ø 0.4 mm up to Ø 1.8 mm, using the respective Solder Wire Guide Kit. It features Solder Wire Perforation, allowing better flux flow and outgassing, thus avoiding projections and Foreign Object Debris (FOD).

ALE250 Automatic-Feed Soldering Iron works with C250 Cartridge Range.

This station can hold a solder reel of up to 2 kg / 4.40 lb.

• 3 different working modes:
Continuous Mode, Discontinuous Mode and Program Mode which allows configuration of dispensed wire speed and length

• Connectivity:
Data download, remote control for traceability and software updates

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