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Alpha A83 Flux

Liquid Activated Rosin Flux
ALPHA A83 is a foam flux. It is a stable, homogeneous solution of pure water-white rosin with a
multi-component solvent to which has been added a controlled amount of effective activating
agents. The material maintains its foaming, wetting and fluxing properties during continuous
aeration. ALPHA A83 contains P.C. Rosin which ensure increased flux clarity, lighter color and greater
performance consistency. The use of P.C. rosin eliminates crystallization and simplifies flux
residue removal.

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ALPHA A83 is a foam flux specially designed for machine soldering. It has the following
outstanding advantages:
No separation of solid components
Excellent wetting and capillary action
Fast drying
Increased solder spread on printed circuit boards
Reduced bridging and icicling
Low quantity residual flux which may be left on the board
For critical applications, residues easily removed with Alpha Cleaners

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