There is nothing else like it! Designed, patented, and manufactured in the USA, the NanoJet™ from Austin American Technology combines recent advancements made in conveyor driven cleaning systems into the world’s smallest, fully capable, inline cleaner. Rapid and thorough cleaning and drying is accomplished in the NanoJet™ utilizing PED fluid jets for high impact cleaning and patented high velocity displacement drying jets. The NanoJet™ from Austin American Technology delivers a high energy design in a small 28 square foot footprint.

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12" Conveyor Belt
Small Footprint 8 x 3.8 x 4.2
Includes 12" On load/Off load
Progressive Energy Dynamic (PED)
High Speed Cleaning (0.5 to 3.0 FPM)
Dynamic Rinsing Under Tight Spaces
Superior "Jet Manifold" Wet Section Isolation
Patented Displacement Drying
HEPA Dry Air Filtration
Integrated DI Closed Loop System
"GREEN" Zero Discharge to Drain
Low Power Consumption
Automatic Chemical Management System
Integrated Internal Lighting

Closed Loop Design
“Green Design” means using substantially fewer resources than the current standards in the industry. The NanoJet accomplishes this in many ways. Water savings are automatic with our built-in DI closed looped water re-cycling system. Facility tap or DI water is only used for initial fill and to make up for any evaporation losses. These typically require only 3-6 GPH at 125F, depending on facility exhaust settings. Wet sections are effectively isolated with air jet manifolds saving both chemistry as well as carbon and DI beds. Through recycling of the DI water inside of the cleaner, the machine is able to save on heat loss which would typically be lost to drain.

Durable Construction and Easy Access
The NanoJetinline system is constructed of high-density polypropylene for excellent chemical compatibility and long life. It has a non-corroding, rigid metal chassis, unibody construction, a detachable load section, and removable windows at each chamber for easy access. The conveyor employs an automatic tension system and torque limitation to protect the drive motor in both forward and reverse modes. All vital components are easy to access from the rear of the machine, increasing productivity and reducing off-line time due to maintenance.

Progressive Energy Dynamics Wash & Rinse Technology
Austin American Technology’s breakthrough advances in cleaning technology bring Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) to the NanoJet inline Cleaning System resulting in cleaning power unequaled in its class. Developed using complex modeling techniques, this innovative approach to cleaning ensures that each progressive stage in the process optimizes mechanical, thermal, and chemical energy to achieve the best possible performance. High-density assemblies can be effectively cleaned at line speeds in a footprint similar to closed loop batch systems.

Patented Mach Jet Drying and Isolation Technology
Featuring a patented Mach drying system, powered by a 15Hp turbine blower, the Austin American Technology NanoJet™ drying capability meets increasing throughput demands as your requirements change – without adding to the size of the machine’s footprint. The same technology has been adopted to the NanoJet™ system’s dual isolation system, effectively reducing both chemical and power consumption while increasing system-wide efficiency.

Capable of both water and aqueous chemical cleaning applications, the NanoJet™ inline system also offers easy accessibility and simple maintenance to maximize up time and productivity. Optimized impingement force and flow management give the NanoJet™ inline cleaning system the power to out-perform other machines in its class in tough applications with low-standoff height components. Patented high-volume, directed flow drying technology complements the machine’s outstanding cleaning capability by efficiently forcing water out of tight spaces and not allowing evaporation to leave behind harmful residues.

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