ESD heel grounder

Features: Material : Antistatic fabrics with conductive coated polyester Surface resistance : = 10e6 O (@ 42% RH, 21°C) Static decay time : +/- 0.01 second (@ 42% RH, 21°C) Width : 1.25cm Length : 30cm or 60cm Packaging : 100 pieces per pack General usage : - Heelgrounders are to be worn on an ESD-floor. - Recommended to be worn on each feet. Options : Heelgrounder with standard ribbon (30cm) Heelgrounder with longer ribbon (60cm) Dispenser for heelgrounders (approx. 100 pairs) Application: Production line, CMOS chip, microprocessor, semiconductor, dish drivers, composites, LCD screen product, circuit product line, precision instrument, optics part and so on Other size and Customer specification available

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Brand: Priben

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