DH-A2 BGA Rework Station

Humanized design: Embedded with Industrial PC +stepper motor drive + Intelligent temperature module, Stable and reliable. Windows OS interface in English and Chinese + USB interface, easy operate. With 5 different size of nozzles: upper: 31*31mm, 38*38mm,41*41mm. Bottom: 34*34mm 55*55mm Adopt three heating zone, upper heater and lower heater are hot air, bottom is infrared preheat zone. High power cross flow fan, fast cooling the pcb, prevent it from deformation. Accurate temperature control: Three independent temperature heatings + PID self setting adjusted, temperature accuracy will be on ±1°C It can set 8 segments heating, and massive storage of groups temperature profile. Setting BGA heating curve conveniently and index search. Automatic temperature curve analysis. Convenient visual alignment: Optical alignment + CCD color lens system Laser positioning, fast alignment. 2 color separation, magnification, micro adjustment Auto focus, auto correction, auto color differentiation. Light level adjustment system. Japan camera can move front and back. Built-in vacuum pump, pick up the bga chip. Precision components: Precise fine-tuning of bga chip X, Y , Z micrometers fine-tuning, Placement accuracy will be ±0.01 MM. V-groove clamp + universal fixture suitable for all kinds of PCB. Hot air nozzle with magnet, rotate in any angle, easy replace and operate. Heating system and mount head 2 in 1 design, precise positioning. Perfect security design: With fan failure protection, thermocouple failure protection function. Overheating protection, emergency stop function. Start up password and modify protection.

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Brand: Shenzhen Dinghua Technology Development

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Humanized design
Accurate temperature control
Convenient visual alignment
Precision components
Perfect security design
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