More upgraded next generation reflow achieving ultra-low power consumption responding CO2 emission regulation and the minimized N2 consumption.A pointeer that has realized energy saving as well as complying with the industry’s environment policies.The N70-iseries reflow is your partner and has stood by your side while providing constitent top performance.

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Has set the standard for N2 consumption and power consumption and will continue to be your reliable supporter.
O2 flow control method allows ppm to be precisely controlled.
TSM which performs technical development continuously, is the first company to realize ultra-low power consumption for the reduction of CO2 emissions in order to realize the econology the keyword of the N70-i series reflows, and innovatively saves on the high cost of N2 consumption.
TSM has set the standard for the N2 Consumption and power consumption ahead and provide continuous and reliable support.In the case of the N70-i series reflow with its prime value oriented to the human,the RTPM and RPPM have been created for functionality and MMI multitasking and the one touch FMS were developed to provide convenience
In addition TSM has upgraded its technology for the uniform ppm control of entire zones and applied it to reflows of this series.This is effective for innovative energy saving compared to existing reflows.
The convenience of user access and reading was maximized by displaying the MMI RTPM Rppm programs for the user interface in 3 split screens on the wide monitor. Having evolved one step further, the RTPM, a real time temperature profile system provides a lot of information and compatibility
It is possible to use four type of temperature profilers used currently and provide users with a process index and chart data for process capability analysis collectively for the first time as an oven maker.
The world’s first real time O2 profile system, Rppm, provides the information on the O2 ppm by checking the purity of O2 of each zone in the oven in real time. It also improves the economic efficiency and productivity by eliminating the cost for a separate profiler and loss time for profiling.
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