ES-series reflows achieve environment friendliness and power cost reduction by minimizing N2 loss and power consumption .There is no other reflows in the world that has been upgraded more than this one. The newly released ES-Series reflow satisfies all of the functionality, economic efficiency and practicality by overcoming its limitations. Satisfies the need for functionality, economic efficiency and practicality, while its unique design presence an outstanding look even during downtime.

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• It is equipped with the most advanced “ESP-series” N2 generator which controls the N2 purity and flow rate as a build-in type, a first in its industry.
• It achieves unrivaled energy saving by automatically adjusting the N2 generation quantity being inter locked with the reflow.
• By being equipped with the most advanced ESP-series N2 generator which control N2 purity and flow rate as a build-in type and a first in its industry, this reflow helps customers make better use of space and can operate and use the N2 generator conveniently and steadily, controlling it with accuracy by the reflow MMI.
Automatically controlling the N2 generation quantity with the reflow MMI being interlocked with the N2 generator (ESP-series)optimized for the innovative ES-series reflow, it does not only ensure the greatest energy saving in its industry but also realizes minimum N2 consumption and maintains stable ppm with minimum N2 quantity.
In addition, the reflow oven and N2 generator can be operated (controlled) from one monitor
• By arranging its components at its front for convenient maintenance of the built -in type N2 generator, the user can perform PM of the N2 generator without difficulty. The convenient for the user is improved when operating the N2 generator by adding a function that shows with a message or alarm the operation and maintenance cycle at the time set by the user in the new MMI dedicated to the sophisticated N2 generator whose convenience is maximized
ES-e 93