Upgraded next level Reflow realizing ulta-low power consumption responding to CO2 emission regulation and minimise N2 consumption.The perfect harmony of the performance and stability turned out in a unique and outstanding upgrade .Please experience the sophisticated and luxurious N70 –e series reflow whose function and specification greatly improved

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In order to comtinue the reputation of the best selling N70 series,a unqiue and outstanding upgrade has been made.
N2 flow rate control has reduced N2 consumption and has achieved more energy saving.
Direct control of the N2 generator (ESP) in the refolw screen make it easy to operate the reflow.
It satisfies both specifications and price in addition to function improvement broken from the existing concept,and ensurelow running cost and maintainability.
Users might not get tired of the look of the reflows in this series even though they are in use for many years ownig to their gentrified design and low rate discloration paint feature.
N70- seies reflow that has been much appreciatedby customer for many years has been upgraded with more sophisiticated,genrified and various functions-RTPM,RPPM,N2 flow rate control,FMS with improved flux collecting capability,convenient MMI operation,and a triple -sealed blower motor,etc.-aimed at optimizing the customers production capabllity.
The newly designed reflow with its maximized reflow oven function maintains a stable temperure inside the oven,reduces N2 consumpution significantly by adopting N2 flow rate control compared to existing reflows,and exhibits outstanding performance in maintaining O2ppm.
. Basically the cooling zone applies a new design that has further improved capability of flux collecting at the entrance and inside the oven .
• Direct control of the new energy saving N2 generator (ESP series ) by the reflow MMI will allow convenient operation of the reflow and reduction of the air compressor power consumption. Sophisticated MMI configuration has maximized the convenience of reflow operation.
• Due to changes in energy policies the wait-hour meter and integrated flow meter used for the monitoring system are provided as an option for the efficient management of N2 and power used by the reflow helping energy management .
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