ALPHA TrueHeight Spacer Blocks

ALPHA® TrueHeight™ Spacer Blocks are burr free, non-collapse copper discs coated with a barrier layer of nickel, and finish coated with flash gold. TrueHeight™ Spacer Blocks are designed to be automatically placed and reflowed onto a printed circuit board pad printed with a nominal amount of solder paste. Since all sides of the spacer are coated, reflow does not result in exposed copper. After reflow, the TrueHeight™ Spacer Block provides a precise standoff height. Electronic components that are reflow soldered can benefit from the use of TrueHeight™ Spacer Blocks to improve soldering results, such as to prevent corner signal shorting on large BGA devices with characteristic warping. Through hole components that need to be reflow soldered but do not contain sufficient standoff height can benefit from the use of TrueHeight™ Spacers.

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Brand: Cookson Electronics

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Provide precise height control – only +0.010mm to minimize warping.
Assure repeatable results with burr-free technology.
Easily integrate into standard SMT assembly (T&R packaging).
Achieve improved process assembly yield.
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