F2 Polishing

Scanditron patented F2 Polish - The difference between an Scanditron stencil and that of the competitor. Scanditron patented F2 Polishing process was developed in-house primarily for the manufacture of stencils for the semiconductor industry. This technology has now been implemented for SMT stencils with great success.

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It consists of two different polishes or 2 F to be precise. The first F is the FLAT polishing technique that is done for the inside hole walls. This polish removes burrs and creates a smooth aperture wall which helps in paste release of fine pitch and small diameters BGA components. The second F is the FLASH polish which creates an even surface for printing.
This mirror like finish produces a more consistent and flat surface of the stencil which enables the squeegee blade to travel efficiently and deposit the required amount of paste every stroke.
Tests have shown that stencils made using F2 Polishing technology is comparable to and in many cases better performing than nickle electroformed stencils. Surface roughness tests as shown below prove that Flash polish gives a more consistent surface. When combines with Nano Coating this polishing process will maximize yields and reduce process defects related to printing.
F2 Polishing
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