New Generation 3D Solder Paste Inspection System

PI Series is a new generation 3D Solder Paste Inspection system that overcomes the limitations of traditional SPIs and satisfy all your inspection needs. The PI Series allows to easily implement Solder Paste Inspection in any PCBA line. These new generation systems are very intuitive to use, allowing non-experienced persons to get expected results. With reduced footprint, all models are fitting in modern assembly lines.

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PI is useable by anyone. Operators, not just engineers, can program the machine. PI’s powerful capabilities are just a fingertip away.
PI is designed to operate solely with a touch screen icon based interface with no keyboard and no mouse.
Anyone is up and running after just an hour’s training.
Calibration is done at a press of button with embedded geometric and radiometric calibration tools to ensure consistent performance over time and machine-to-machine portability.
PI is the only SPI to program automatically. Auto-programming enables high quality inspection independently of programmers’ skill level.
Just scan a bare board, to ensure accurate measurement, and let the machine program itself.
With auto-programming, fine tuning is no longer required. Performance is consistent, regardless of color or finish variations. Thus, PI is ideal for New Product Introduction.
In addition to paste inspection, PI offers simultaneous glue inspection.
PI’s patented Z-referencing technology overcomes the limitation of traditional SPIs and brings unprecedented accuracy to paste volume measurement.
Accuracy in production is about Z-referencing. All traditional SPIs set a threshold (typically 40 µm) under which height and thus volume is no longer measured. As a result, volume is under estimated on small pads, precisely when you need to know how much paste is truly deposited.
PI’s patented Z-referencing method leverages the entire textured 3D board information, not just cropped images around pads, to define stable and accurate Z-reference.
PI’s multi-frequency, multi pattern Moiré combined with patented dual Z axis motion, off er unique warp compensation to deliver accurate measurements in real production environments, with no false calls.
High resolution textured 3D images provide unambiguous information for defect classification.
PI’s automatic pad grouping by AAR is just one the many features targeted specifically at process control. Combined with SIGMA Link software suite, inspection data becomes actionable process information.
Improve your process and set tolerances independently of products with automatic pad grouping by AAR (Area Aperture Ratio).
Understand your process with an extra-large review image in textured 3D for easy diagnostic
Improve your production yields with closed-loop function.
Monitor your process in real-time with SIGMA Analysis – Off-line SPC – or simply with PI’s embedded SPC.