X-Scope 1800 Cabinet X-Ray Inspection System

Featuring wide inspection area with tilting X-Ray tube capability

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Brand: Scienscope

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4" x 3" digital flat panel detector
90 kV- 5 micron x ray tube
Z axis movement of the x-ray tube
Computer controlled kV and mA settings
Computer controlled variable speed X-Y stage
Full featured Image processing CPU with 23? LCD flat panel monitor
16" x 18" stage and 70 degree oblique angle viewing
Programmable computer controlled – variable speed X-Y stage with a 70 degree sample tilt fixture
Simple point and click inspection routines
Mega pixel mapping camera with zoom window – easy location and identification of faults
  • BGA InspectionInspection of over molded electrical connectors
  • Encapsulated components
  • Aluminum die castings
  • Molded plastic components
  • CeramicsAerospace components
  • Electrical / mechanical components
  • Electronic components
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive assemblies
  • AgricultureCounterfeit inspection
  • Cell phone battery inspection
CNC Programmability Automated Inspection Routines
  • Simple point and click creation of inspection routines
  • Stage locations- X, Y, Z , X-Ray Tube and X-Ray Detector
  • kV and mA settings
  • Video settings- brightness, contrast, camera gain and exposure
  • User adjustable dwell time between stage and system control changes
  • Anti collision system to maximize magnification during oblique angle viewing
  • Automatically Analyzes BGA diameters, Void Percentages, Area and Roundness.
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