X-Scope 2000 Cabinet X-Ray Inspection System

The X-Scope 2000 series is a general purpose, high resolution, fully programmable x-ray system designed to address the nondestructive testing needs for failure analysis, research and development, process development, process monitoring and the ongoing support of electronics assembly, rework and repair. The X-Scope 2000 is a “batch” or manual type of x-ray system and includes a Windows based workstation (Capture X 2000) with multiple image processing functions for real time measurement and data collection. The X-Scope 2000 has an unbeatable price to performance ratio and many advanced features you would expect to find on a much more expensive x-ray imaging system.

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Brand: Scienscope

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4"x3" high resolution digital flat panel detector
90 kV or 110kV- 5 micron closed x-ray tube
Z axis programmable computer controlled movement of the x-ray tube and image detector
Computer controlled programmable kV and mA settings
Programmable computer controlled – variable speed X-Y stage
70 degree stage tilt
Full featured image processing CPU with 23 inch LCD flat panel monitor
Mega pixel mapping camera with zoom window – easy location and identification of faults
22" X 21" Inspection Stage
Simple point and click inspection routines
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