SAS-561 Lead Free DIP Wave Soldering Machine

SAS-561 is DIP type Wave soldering machine model, available for lead wire length up to 40 mm. It meets optimal soldering conditions by reversing up/down of inclined conveyor. Wave flow in solder pot keeps melted solder surface clean, and there is no thermal difference in melted solder liquid.

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Brand: Solmach Engineering

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Adequate location and cozy design
Control panel on the front of each unit offers the best operation and convenience.
Oven type preheating structure offers excellent preheating performance.
Heaters in individual control are convenient for maintenance.
Foam tube in triple structure makes foaming equally.
Foam tube holder has quick-change type structure designed for convenience.
Optimal design for long lead soldering
Convenient structure for maintenance with easy taking-apart nozzles
Please contact us for more details.
Please contact us for more details.