SAS-620 Lead Free Dual Wave Soldering Machine

SAS-620 is Wave soldering machine available for PCB size up to max. 300mm. And the model can perform high soldering quality. The preheating function of 2 zones and special designed wave nozzle in solder pot ensure the best soldering performance

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Brand: Solmach Engineering

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Foam nozzle, designed in special structure, makes the flow of flux smooth and prevent the adhesion of the excessive flux foam.
Foam tube holder of quick-change type and nozzle of one body input type offer the highest convenience.
Heater box of rear slide type offers a suitable structure for maintenance.
Heate of individual heating type guarantees the long durability and offers the high-efficiency. · The lower sub case of the heater box is designed to prevent components from dropping and to handle conveniently.
Forced Convection type is available by option
Keeping the uniformity of wave for high quality soldering.
Impeller housing and bearing durable under lead-free condition.
"Rear dross cleaning case" designed for convenient maintenance.
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