SAS-680 LTP Lead Free Dual Wave Soldering Machine

SAS-680LTP is the lead-free Wave soldering machine model; with easy operation and control as well as SAS-680LP PC controlled type. Excellent performance and user focused interface can improve productivity and efficiency at work.

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Brand: Solmach Engineering

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SolMach unique and patented Heating Panel
It meets higher preheating temperature and capacity required in lead free soldering
Synchronous mechanism of Cartridge Heater and Forced air convection
Direct drive Flow Motor for optimal wave
Uniformity of Solder Wave
Easy access for maintenance of Solder Pot
Motorized Solder Pot rolls In/Out, Motorized Solder Pot moves Up/Down
Suitable for soldering multi PCBs mixed high density SMD
Suitable for various Rail inclines
1st Nozzle & Wave Nozzle for lead free soldering
Wave Nozzle adjustable of wave height
Dip Time Control
Tensioning of the Rail and Conveyor Chain
Preventing the Extension by heat
Maintaining the optimal state of Finger Alignment
Foaming Nozzle, designed in special structure for smooth flow of flux
Auto Management System of flux density, Uniformity of Flux Foaming
Quick-changeable Foam tube holder allow easy access for maintenance
Durable and stable Components (UL/CE compliant)
Concise layout of each Unit & Module
Optimal Design for easy maintenance
Maximized Cooling Efficiency with Top & Bottom Cooling
Rapid Cooling with external Chiller Unit attached
The best soldering quality under lead free environment
The central integrated operation program on touch panel
Compact and eye-easy layout
Well data indicating and easy operation
Tool kit Special for Solder Pot cleaning
6 sets for each particular use
Attached on the frame side for easy use and keep
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