ALPHA EF-6850HF Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA EF-6850HF is a Halogen-Free, low solids, alcohol based, no clean flux for lead-free wave soldering. It is formulated for both standard and thicker, high-density PCBs used in Pb-free applications. It is designed for low bridging, as well as, to provide superior performance in pin testing, hole-fill and solderballing. Additionally, it provides good cosmetics with a uniform, tack free residue.

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Brand: Cookson Electronics

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Halogen Free
Unique activator / package
Low surface tension
Thermally stable
Tack free residue
Environmentally friendly. Complies with halogen free industry standards
Produces highly reliable assemblies with excellent cosmetics and pin testability
High through hole penetration rate and uniform SMT pad coverage
Excellent soldering in both single and dual wave processing using SAC305 or other low silver alloys
Pin testable, uniform, transparent, tack free residue
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