Automatic conformal coating production line

- Loader: Put B surface of PCBA with fixture face up on the connected machine, motion with HA601 guide, fixture carries PCBA enter into HA601 to spray selectively. - Coating: When PCBA transferred into HA601, then using HA601 to spray on B surface of the PCB to spray selectively. - Purple light check and connection: Purple light check: visual check film uniformity of B surface, missing coating area or spray too much problems. In the purple light check connected machine, using wet film thickness gauge to check wet film thickness. Connection: purple ling check connected machine motioned with HA601 spraying machine, arrange PCBA orderly enter into high temperature oven. - Unloader: cured PCBA enter into back-end connected machine, cooling down naturally, and waiting for unload. - After B surface cool down, transferred into HA221A connected machine to spray on T surface according to above flow.

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