KISS-103ILDP In-Line SMEMA PCB 24" X 18"

The KISS-103ILDP is a “super high speed” in-line DUAL SOLDER POT Selective Soldering Machine with up to four separate solder nozzles usable within the same program. Simply stated…SPEED and PROCESS CONTROL…The KISS-103ILDP effectively splits the soldering process allowing 50% of the sites to be soldered at the 1st station and the balance soldered at the 2nd station. This significantly increases productivity by reducing TAKT by up to 50% vs. incremental processing. The KISS-103ILDP is two to three times faster versus conventional machines.

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Two independent XY stages fitted with KISS Pb solder pots.
The direction of board movement is left to right unless otherwise specified
Automated in process solder level and wave height adjust.
Super heated Nitrogen to the solder nozzle.
Full set of seven Bullet Nozzles
Independent atomizing fluxers mounted at each solder pot
Split universal PCB edge conveyor for two PCBs at the same time with program controlled width adjustment, positive PCB location and PCB flattening.
“Super Quick” motion for fastest processing times
Windows 7 with the interactive SWAK-OS on and off machine programming (see the SWAK-OS data sheet and video) Rapid setup and time to “first production”, usually within 10 minutes
Automated Fiducial Correction
Board Warp Compensation
Dual monitors (great for simultaneous video feed from cameras)
Set up camera and dual (2) process witness cameras at each pot
Closed Loop Rotary Encoders
Absolute control over all critical process parameters: - Solder temperature interlocked to within 2°C. - Height and travel speed of the solder wave - Programmable initial preheat soak time
Set-up kit, on site installation and training included
One year guarantee covering the entire machine and two years for the solder pot and pump assemblies
 Process Overview 
The 1st production board enters from the left onto the left side conveyor and comes to rest against the leading edge stops. The fiducial location finds the start point of the 1st board. Flux is dispensed to the assigned sites. The optional preheater above the 1st conveyor (PH #1) is activated, raising the board to the set temperature. PH #1 remains on to maintain board temperature as the solder process commences to solder 50% of the sites. The 1st board (now 50% soldered) shuttles to the right side conveyor and to the leading edge stops. Concurrently, a 2nd board moves onto the first conveyor where the process restarts. At the 2nd soldering side the PH #2 is activated to maintain the board at temperature. The fiducial is located and the soldering process is initiated, now soldering the remaining 50% of the board. When the soldering process is completed, both boards shuttle to the right. The 1st board leaves the KISS-103ILDP downstream, the 2nd board is soldered, while a 3rd board enters the system and so on.
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