KFPHIL In-Line SMEMA Flux/Pre-Heat PCB in multiple configurations & Sizes

The Selective Soldering process can be divided into 3 basic steps (fluxing, pre-heat, soldering). When all 3 steps are performed in one machine the total of the 3 steps determines the production rate, usually the fluxing and pre-heat time is approximately 50% of the production rate. By separating the fluxing and pre-heat from the soldering and performing both functions concurrently the production rate can be doubled. The KFPHIL fluxer/pre-heater coupled with our KISS-101, KISS-102 and KISS-103 selective soldering machine provide this capability. The KFPHIL in-line fluxer/pre-heat unit is an intelligent dual purpose system that significantly reduces the process time by concurrently applying flux to the specific components to be soldered then pre-heating the board in preparation for soldering.

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Additional Automated Spray Fluxing System
Single or Dual Drop Jet Fluxing System(s)
Six Channel Data Logging System for Preheat Temperature Profiling
N2 Bottom-side Spot Pre-Heater
Fluxing Technology
The board is conveyed in on the edge conveyor (SMEMA), located in a known position and the flux is applied via X-Y motion under program control. The unique “KFS-SP” applicator is standard atomizing unit that provides rapid application of a wide range of flux chemistries. The ACE ultra precision Drop jet applicator is available for no-clean processes. Up to 4 applicators can be fitted all with different chemistries. The ACE flux applicators are unlike any others featuring rugged yet simple construction that outperform other applicators by handling low PH fluxes down to 2.0 and solid content up to 35%.
Heat Transfer Technology
Molten solder naturally migrates towards a heat source. The KISS preheat technology delivers “top side” heat to the PCB which promotes barrel fill and the correct formation of fillets on the top side of the solder joint. The heat is provided by filtered IR which is divided into 6 separate zones. Each zone can be activated individually to cover the size of the PCB under process without unnecessarily heating up the entire area. The set point and ramp to temperature is controlled and governed with an optical pyrometer. The entire system is closed loop providing for a repeatable and robust process.
KFPHIL - 101
KFPHIL - 102
KFPHIL - 103
KFPHIL - 105