KISS-105IL In-Line SMEMA PCB 36" X 28"

The KISS-105IL is a larger version of our KISS-103IL fully configured In-Line Selective Soldering Machine designed to handle the board size and weight of backplanes and other oversized product, featuring the “Super fast” robotic motion to maximize production. The PCB is processed in a 1” (25mm) border frame which supports, locates and flattens the PCB and transports the PCB through the KISS-105IL process. Like all KISS machines the PCB is kept stationary during the process preventing components from toppling over causing “unset” inter-metallic fillets. The KISS-105IL couples high throughput with precise process controls. The programmable features provide the tools to set all process parameters, including immersion depths, pre-heat dwells, travel distances and speeds, solder temperature and wave height. With the top side pre-heater class 3 solder joints can be achieved on PCB thickness up to 9mm.

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Additional Automated Spray Fluxing System
Real Time Top Side PCB Pre-Heating System
N2 Bottom-side Spot Pre-Heater
Single or dual drop Jet Fluxing System(s)
De-bridging Nitrogen Jet
Closed Loop Position with Linear Encoders
Over Conveyor Barcode Reader
Additional Solder Pot/Pump Assembly Lead, Lead Free and HMP Lead Alloys
All Standard KISS Bullet and Wave Nozzles
75mm Wave Nozzle Pump Assembly: Lead, Lead Free and HMP Lead Alloys
Dual Nozzle Pot/Pump Assembly; Lead, Lead Free and HMP Lead Alloys
Solder Pot Service/Exchange Cart
Ultra Pure Nitrogen Generators
KISS Pump Maintenance Kit
Six Channel Data Logging System for Preheat Temperature Profiling
Board Warp Compensation
Process Overview 
The process begins with the PCB (in the frame) entering the KISS-105IL on the edge rail conveyors built into the system in normal SMEMA fashion. The “Automated Fiducial Correction”identifies the location of 2 points on the board and resets the “0” start position. The cycle begins by applying flux precisely to all the sites to be soldered. Pre-heating of the top side elevates the PCB to the set temperature AND HOLD TEMPERATURE through the soldering process. Additional fluxing for difficult sites can be programmed. Next the mini solder wave is automatically moved under the components to be soldered. The solder nozzle raises to just below the site allowing the heated nitrogen to pre-heat the site and activate the flux. The nozzle raises up further immersing the first of the leads, dwelling for initial “soak”. The nozzle travels over the entire site leaving perfect top and bottom side fillets at each pin. At the completion of the travel the solder pot lowers and moves to the next site. After completing the process the PCB/frame can be returned to the operator or convey out down stream and the next PCB/frame conveys into the KISS-105IL in normal SMEMA fashion.
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