KISS-101 Manual Load PCB 12" X 12"

The KISS-101 is used to solder through hole components on SMT boards within close proximity of adjacent components, featuring the “Super fast” robotic motion to maximize production. This process overcomes the limitations of operator dependent soldering with a truly flexible automated molten solder delivery system. The KISS-101 couples high throughput with precise process controls. The programmable features provide the tools to set all process parameters, including flux deposition, immersion depths, pre-heat dwells, travel distances and speeds, and solder temperature. Once set, the system will repeat precisely.

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Brand: Ace Protech

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“Super Quick” motion for fastest processing times
Will completely process PCBs 12” x 12” (300mm x 300mm) and up to 24” long PCBs (600mm) using a manual step over
Universal PCB location rails with multiple PCB positions
Automated Fiducial Correction
Board Warp Compensation
Windows 7 OS with SWAK-OS programming interface with rapid setup time to “first production” using the machine “teach” functions
Step and repeat capability in both X- and Y-axis for multiple boards in a panel
Lead alloy solder pot and pump assembly included—leadfree alloy (all titanium) and HMP alloy pot and pump available
Programmable solder wave flow rate
Programmable solder pot timer
6mm and 12mm Bullet nozzles
Heated nitrogen to the solder nozzle
Precision KFS-SP atomizing flux applicator
Set the time/temp profile for each individual component type for maximized process control and TAKT time
Absolute control over all critical process parameters: -Solder temperature interlocked to within 10°C - Height and travel speed of the solder wave - Programmable initial preheat soak time
Set-up kit containing all necessary support tools
One year warranty covering the entire machine and two years for the solder pot and pump assembly
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