The AquaTherm™ 9100, from Austin American Technology, introduces a new era to batch cleaning. Forget the limitations of the past and experience a batch system that offers multiple cleaning technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and aqueous chemistry-based cleaning, the innovative AquaTherm™ supports process temperature ranges from ambient to 200°F and adds the power of steam. When selected, the onboard steam generator produces hot water vapor to penetrate and soften tough, baked-on flux and paste residue so the standard wash cycle can effectively complete the cleaning process. An intuitive user interface allows the operator to select the type and duration of wash, number of rinse cycles, and duration of the forced-air dry cycle. Ideal for printed circuit boards, semiconductors, subassemblies and process tooling, the AquaTherm™ brings flexible, unparalleled cleaning performance to the batch process. Additionally the AquaTherm™ 9100 features a built-in chemistry metering pump, allowing the system to utilize a wide range of modern cleaning agents. With supplemental high temperature capability the system is capable to reduce chemical consumption while maintaining high product cleanliness and throughput.

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Multiple Cleaning Technologies
Removes Fluxes in Tight Spaces
Rinses to Programmable Ionic Level
Standard Chemical Metering Pump
High Temperature (199F) Operation
Multiple Steam Cycle Capability
User-Friendly Operator Interface
Cleans with Water Only or Chemistry
AquaTherm 9100
AquaTherm 9200
AquaTherm 9600